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Who hasn’t heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Some might ask. And if you haven’t,  I hope to get you interested in reading this weekly blog about the Arts. By highlighting the music, paintings, books and other forms of art of extraordinary artists from the past, their legacy lives on by the work and productions of contemporary artists, or by people who dedicate their life to bringing those masterpieces to the present. The arts have inspired me since my childhood, and they continue to do so in my work as an author, docent, songwriter, and daily life.

Artistic creativity, as the noblest of human expression, I believe, creates a bridge across cultures and time.

Mozart was a prodigious musician, composer, and conductor who started his musical career at the age of six. Born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria, Mozart’s life and works has been the subject of literary works, films, and thousands of musical recordings.  As the author of some of the great classical music—symphonies, chamber music, concertos, and operas, Mozart considered among the finest composers of the Classical period (1775-1825).

Among Mozart’s best-known piano pieces is a Turkish-inspired composition Rondo Alla Turca, or Turkish March—the third movement of the Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major. While the Sonata published by the Viennese publisher, Artaria, in 1784, a Hungarian musicologist discovered another version of the original score of the sonata in Budapest’s National Széchényi Library in 2014.

Below you will find a link to the music—soundtrack to the film “Amadeus.” An Academy and Golden Globes award-winning 1984 American period drama directed by Miloš Forman. The film is an adaptation of a stage play written by Peter Shaffer.

Amadeus the film – Rondo Alla Turca – Music.

Piano Jazz Version with Professional playing on the street

And if you would like further reading on Rondo Alla Turca in its historical context see the article by Classical MPR. Classical MPR

This spirited instrumental piece is also the inspiration for a scene in the first chapter of my soon to be released historical novel “A Symphony of Rivals,” the second installment in a trilogy. For more information on this novel set in 1933 in the United States, Germany,   Austria, and Italy, please visit my website at Website to RomaStocks.com